• [ssba_hide]Eine Leseprobe zum neuen Dath-Comic (Verbrecher-Verlag)
  • Die berechtigte Frage, was das Internet mit dem Gehirn anstellt (via Prospect):

    We need someone to do for the internet what the French phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard did for architecture. In The Poetics of Space, Bachelard explained the way our different metaphors of enclosure—houses, corners, shells, and nests—mimic and shape the way we imagine ourselves to be in the world. For Bachelard, images came before thoughts. They were the way the mind represented the world to itself. No social scientist is going to go down this road, but someone should—a philosopher, or a poet, or a novelist—especially because technology is threatening to make extinct many once-commonplace types of experience.

  • Eine FAZ von 1979, die übersetzt, was sie für “Disco-Deutsch” hält (via Nerdcore).